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The Owl says... "Who?"

Back in 1999 the folks behind The Jungle Store got it in our heads that there just wasn't a great spot where we humans could celebrate our love of the planet's other living creatures. Starting with, as we grew by leaps and bounds we became!

For over ten years now we've been bringing you the best in animal and jungle-themed products; from cuddly stuffed critters, to exotic and quirky jewelry! 15,000 of the most unique gifts, toys, decor, and more, are now just a few convenient clicks away from your doorstep.

The Jungle Store is based in America's heartland - Lenexa, Kansas. Fun fact: we're not too far from the geographic center of the United States! Consequently, we can ship things out to you pretty darn quickly. Our parent company, Virtual Inventories Inc., is an expert in online retailing. With over 15 online stores catering to specialized products, VI knows the online market inside and out. And we use this vast experience to ensure you get the most out of your shopping experience.

We know that Internet itself can be a jungle, with all kinds of online stores hooting, grunting, and growling for your business. That's why we keep our focus on making sure our little patch of jungle is easy to navigate, safe, and most importantly, fun to romp around! On our site you can find what you're looking for either by animal, or by the type of product you're looking for!

And just like our animal and plant friends, we do our part in making the world more colorful. Click here to read about some of our work with charity, conservation, and community contributions!

In the Gnus... err, News!

We've been some busy beavers! Check out some popular items from The Jungle Store as seen in magazines and on your favorite TV shows.

More Monkey Business

You and your cubs might enjoy reading our Jungle Store Blog, where we provide all sorts of fun animal facts and trivia.

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